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Flood Prevention Services

You can trust us to provide a full range of flood prevention services. We offer solutions for all basement flooding issues. We also take care of all the permits and subsidy application forms as part of the service.

We are one of the top basement drainage companies in Toronto owing to our commitment to quality services and unmatched response time. Our techniques and the way we operate makes our team efficient and precise even when working with major structures such as the main drain and sewer lines.

Flood prevention measures are a part of what we have to offer as a whole. For basement drainage, we can install external or internal drainage systems to prevent flooding and moisture retention that causes chipping, mold growth, and structural damages.

As one of the most reliable basement drainage companies in Toronto, we have a range of flooding prevention services. Here’s what you can call us for

  • sump pump installation
  • basement waterproofing
  • sump pit digging
  • drain installation and repair
  • backwater valve installation
  • permit and subsidy application procedures
  • plumbing services
  • general waterproofing services

As basements are the most vulnerable to flooding it is highly recommended to book an inspection with us and get an indoor or outdoor waterproofing system installed. In case the existing one isn’t performing up to requirements we will get it fixed for you.

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Backwater Valves

Protect your home against a sewer backup. We offer our best price backwater valve guarantee. Download our free eBook – Backwater Valve A-Z Your Physical Insurance policy!

what is a backwater valve?

A backwater valve in Toronto is an installation meant to propel water in a singular direction preferably away from your home and basement. This valve is installed on the seer line. In cases of heavy rains and sudden downpours, sewerage drains tend to overflow and, in most cases, the water tends to move towards your home rather than away from it. A backwater valve will prevent the sewer water from flowing back into your home or flooding the basement.

Most municipalities require sewer valve installation while it is more of a necessity in other cases. If you don’t already have a valve installed in place for dire circumstances, getting one retrofitted by our team of experts is highly recommended.

How do we help protect your home with a backwater valve?

Properties in Toronto are highly affected by the aftermath of downpours and heavy rains. The municipal sewers tend to almost always get overwhelmed with the input of water and people end up with sewer water in their basements and all over their foundations.

sewer valve installation in Toronto has easily become a necessity and we can help set up a fully functional backwater valve to prevent subsequent water damage after heavy rains. As licensed plumbers, we are familiar with the regulations and rebate sanction for backwater valve installations which allows us to deliver unmatched quality without burdening you with excessive costs.

How does it work?

The backwater valve has a tiny flap inside the valve that normally allows water to flow out of your home. This also helps expel any gasses generated from sewer water. The flap also has flotation devices on both sides which prompt the flap to lift and obstruct the water from flowing backward.

After a backwater valve is installed on your property you don’t have to deal with the consequences of heavy rain or melting snow. Here’s how the process goes

  • Get an inspection
  • Get an estimate for the installation
  • Schedule the installation
  • Testing and final inspection

Once the installation is complete our crew will conduct a thorough check-up to make sure the valve is fully functional. In case you need additional waterproofing installations such as sump pumps and sealants installed, we have you covered.

Where is the backwater valve installed?

The backwater valve is installed by our experts under the floor of the basement. This is attached to the main drain that flows directly into the sewer. This can also be set up in the back yard or the front yard depending on where the main connection for the sewerage drain is.

A hole may need to be dug to get the valve installed which will then be refilled once the installation is done. You can get in touch with us today regarding installations and costs.

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Sump Pumps

We do all Sump Pump Services and repairs. We can add Battery Backup Systems or Install a completely new Sump Pump System with new Weeping Tiles.

In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be basement flooding. But since it isn’t an ideal world, a Sump pump installation in Markham is a necessity. Without a functional sump pump, your basement would be ankle-deep in water and the repair and water damage bills would be sky-high. Fortunately, we have just the solution for you. our crew can install the right sump pump for your home and make your basement habitable without raking up any additional bills. Before finalizing the installation, here is what you need to know

What is a sump pump?

before you get into the process involved in the Sump pump installation in Markham, here is some information on the machine. A sump pump is a machine installed at the lowest point on your property by digging a sump pit of sorts. This is a small but highly beneficial installation on your property to prevent flooding and water damage to your basement.

How does it work?

the job of a sump pump is to remain on standby until there is a need for it. in case of harsh weather, storms, or heavy rains over saturation of the space around your home happens to lead to excessive water to collect in the sump pit. Once this happens the pump is activated to deal with the flooding.

Our Sump pump installation in Toronto includes a connection from the basement through the pump into a storm drain, a detention pond, or a dry well. The water from the flooding basement automatically drains into these drains or reservoirs preventing it from collecting in the basement and causing seepage and water damages. if you are using the basement a sump pit and pump won’t affect its useability.

Does your home need a Sump pump installation in Toronto?

Sumps pumps are a staple for homes across Canada. Following are the prominent reasons for your home needing our services

  • Your location receives heavy rains
  • Your home is built in a space that usually floods
  • There have been basement flooding in the past
  • You are using your basement space as a room

There can be several other reasons for a sump pump installation besides the ones mentioned. If you aren’t sure whether your property needs machine drainage you can get in touch with our team to survey and inspect the place for expert advice.

How can H2O help?

At H2O Services we value your investment and convenience above all else. Our Sump pump installation in Toronto entails a detail-oriented approach which helps in deciding if you need

  • Repairs
  • Battery backups
  • A new sump pumps with weeping tiles
  • Maintenance
  • Other waterproofing systems

We offer affordable quality and longevity with all our services. You can book a consultation with us today or call us to get an estimate for your property before you decide to invest in it. we believe in giving you the confidence to move further with your water drainage project without any excessive or hidden charges.

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Plumbing Services

We fast fix all residential and commercial problems water problems.
Pipe Repairs
New Water Lines Replace
Toilets Repairs and Replace
Faucet Repairs and Replace
Bathroom Remodel
Water Treatment

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Drain Services

$99.00 Main Drain
Drain Cleaning
Camera Inspections
Pipe Locates
Sewer Line Repairs
Hydro Flushing
Building Traps Removal
Basement Rough ins

H2O Services have been in the business of dealing with plumbing problems and sewer line repair in Markham for over 25 years. We cover all kinds of drain repairs and replacements. We promise that we won’t leave you hanging especially when there is an emergency.  We believe in being honest, available, and uncompromising on the quality of service or the products used for installations and repairs. From fixing minor toilet clogging to a complete sewer line repair for your property we have been doing it for the better part of two decades and our standing in the industry gives us access to quality materials and a strong supply chain.

How is a sewer line damaged?

Maintenance is almost always the key to preserving any fixtures and installations you have on your property. knowing what causes the need for sewer line repair in Markham, can help mitigate the process and also let you know when professional help is need

  • Roots:

The older the line the easier it for it to be compromised by cracking and moisture. These are elements that draw surrounding trees and plants to these cracks and they end up destroying the entire structure or at least a part of it.

  • Waste

The waste buildup is easily one of the most notorious reasons that drive the need for sewer line repair in Toronto. Eventual buildup coupled with older drain and sewerage structures leave the line vulnerable and compromised. Major drain cleaning processes can be carried out by our team to prevent the impact of a massive clog in the major lines under your property. not only does this affect the drains and their function but can also be detrimental to the infrastructure.

  • Pipes

A collapsed drain or broken pipes aren’t the most dependable parts of a sewer line. A minor break in the network compromises the entire sewerage flow from your property to the municipality’s drain networks.

We offer long term solutions

H2o services are known for being affordable and responsive especially in plumbing emergencies. Our services include (but are not limited to)

  • Main drain repairs, inspections, and installations
  • Drain cleaning
  • Camera inspections
  • Locating broken pipes
  • sewer line repair in Toronto
  • hydro flushing
  • Building traps removal
  • basement rough-ins

Our team is qualified to complete thorough inspections and deliver subsequent repairs. You can rely on us to reach you in time and fix any major or minor sewer line problems you may be facing.

how can we help?

All you need to do is call us in case of an emergency or a non-emergency as well. We are a full-service plumbing company with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We will reach you at the decided time and complete the inspection and repairs at amicable prices.

Our team is just a call away whether you need sewer line repair in Toronto, or your kitchen sink fixed we are the people to call. In case of estimates, you can leave your details with us or call to speak to a seasoned expert today.

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Get the best rates for waterproofing services.
Internal and External
Crack Repairs
Weeping Tiles
Window Wells
Side Basement Entrance
25 Year Warranty

Basements are a spacious part of the structure but their vulnerability to moisture, flooding, and water damage makes it much harder to utilize than an average room in the house. To improve basement useability, we can provide basement waterproofing in Markham customize to suit the flood and moisture content of the location your property is built on. Basements are open to leaky foundations, water welling up from the foundation or moisture seeping up onto the walls causing severe damages and mold growth.

Unless your property comes with an already waterproofed apartment you are likely to face the brunt of a leaky basement and rainy weather or melting snow. That said we at H20 Services can provide basement waterproofing in Markham. We will approach the project in two ways namely

  • Exterior measures
  • Interior measures
  1. Exterior waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is one of the most effective ways to protect your basement and building from water damage. This form of waterproofing requires external excavation that removes soil away from the foundation on all sides of the property.

Drain tiles

Drain tile is then installed at the base of the excavated foundation. This tile is a perforated pipe that is quite flexible and covered with fabric or mesh. Depending on where your property is you may need a permit to begin the excavation and installed the perforated piping for waterproofing purposes.

Sump pump/ pit

drain tiles for basement waterproofing in Toronto are also installed by adding a sump pit to collect water that can then be removed by the pump installed at the base.

The next step is to patch up the foundation walls and seal them seamlessly for restoration.

  1. Interior waterproofing

If your property does not qualify for an excavation permit and is showing signs of minimal water damage and cracks, interior processes will be the viable option for you. our crew makes it a point to examine the basement structure carefully and then advise you to invest in the right type of basement waterproofing in Toronto.


Your basement walls can be sealed by applying the sealant to unpainted walls for better binding functions.

Floor drains

Floor drains only become a necessity if the damage is significant and there is a lot of water damage to deal with. Interior floor drains require shallow excavation and are confined to the inner space of your basement.

At H2O we make it a point to deliver convenience to our customers and basement waterproofing in Toronto is part of what we have to offer. You can rely on us to follow the construction regulations to a Tee and keep our pricing transparent throughout the process. We do not believe in burdening our customers with misinformation and call set up window wells in addition to waterproofing your basement using other methods. Our work carries a 25-year warranty and you can call on us for maintenance any time of the year.

Need First-Class Plumbing Service?

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