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About us

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H2O Services is a City of Toronto licensed Drainage Contractor. We are a full-service Plumbing Company specializing in flood mitigation services. Over the last 20 years, the issue of basement flooding in urban areas has become one disaster after another. Insurance companies have recorded exponential increases in claims related to water damage. In the meantime, cities and municipalities work to rebuild our aging underground sewer infrastructure to manage extreme weather events. Since 2012, new homes are designed to incorporate backwater valves and sump pump systems standard and older homes can subsidy funding. The subsidies are designed to assist homeowners with the cost of the upgrades.

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Pluvial flooding – that is. flash flooding caused by torrential rain events is expected to be the new normal. We are on it. H2O Services is committed to delivering a customer service experience second to none, and we do! All our customers are informed because we keep them in the loop by explaining everything we do before we do it. We are committed because we do not cut and run. We have highly trained Flood Prevention Specialists with experiences in Building Science, Plumbing, Drains Waterproofing, Landscape, and HVAC. We are working hard, everyday, to help homeowners create a safer more flood resistant space.

The Director

Wayne Nesbeth has been selling, installing, servicing and education homeowners on the benefits of flood prevention since 2012. In 2015 H2O Service was formed to continue his passion for helping home and business owners alike mitigate the risk of basement flooding. H2O Services has partnerships with some on the most experienced and dedicated plumbers, drain and concrete technicians, landscaping, and HVAC professionals in the industry to create an exceptional service experience delivering real value for our customers.

Wayne loves everything about water. That is why the company is called H2O, which is the chemical formula for water: 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Wayne also loves to be of SERVICE and has over 20 years experience in the home services industry. He is a licensed Drain Layer and Contractor. Through H2O Services, he provides general plumbing and drain services while focusing on remedies to address all basement flooding. So, if you have any water problems from drinking to drains, we can help.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to serve you. We employ all our skills and talents in a professional manner so you can depend on us to deliver practical, creative, cost effective solutions to any water problem.

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