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what is a backwater valve?

A backwater valve in Toronto is an installation meant to propel water in a singular direction preferably away from your home and basement. This valve is installed on the seer line. In cases of heavy rains and sudden downpours, sewerage drains tend to overflow and, in most cases, the water tends to move towards your home rather than away from it. A backwater valve will prevent the sewer water from flowing back into your home or flooding the basement.

Most municipalities require sewer valve installation while it is more of a necessity in other cases. If you don’t already have a valve installed in place for dire circumstances, getting one retrofitted by our team of experts is highly recommended.

How do we help protect your home with a backwater valve?

Properties in Toronto are highly affected by the aftermath of downpours and heavy rains. The municipal sewers tend to almost always get overwhelmed with the input of water and people end up with sewer water in their basements and all over their foundations.

sewer valve installation in Toronto has easily become a necessity and we can help set up a fully functional backwater valve to prevent subsequent water damage after heavy rains. As licensed plumbers, we are familiar with the regulations and rebate sanction for backwater valve installations which allows us to deliver unmatched quality without burdening you with excessive costs.

How does it work?

The backwater valve has a tiny flap inside the valve that normally allows water to flow out of your home. This also helps expel any gasses generated from sewer water. The flap also has flotation devices on both sides which prompt the flap to lift and obstruct the water from flowing backward.

After a backwater valve is installed on your property you don’t have to deal with the consequences of heavy rain or melting snow. Here’s how the process goes

  • Get an inspection
  • Get an estimate for the installation
  • Schedule the installation
  • Testing and final inspection

Once the installation is complete our crew will conduct a thorough check-up to make sure the valve is fully functional. In case you need additional waterproofing installations such as sump pumps and sealants installed, we have you covered.

Where is the backwater valve installed?

The backwater valve is installed by our experts under the floor of the basement. This is attached to the main drain that flows directly into the sewer. This can also be set up in the back yard or the front yard depending on where the main connection for the sewerage drain is.

A hole may need to be dug to get the valve installed which will then be refilled once the installation is done. You can get in touch with us today regarding installations and costs.