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H2O Services have been in the business of dealing with plumbing problems and sewer line repair in Markham for over 25 years. We cover all kinds of drain repairs and replacements. We promise that we won’t leave you hanging especially when there is an emergency.  We believe in being honest, available, and uncompromising on the quality of service or the products used for installations and repairs. From fixing minor toilet clogging to a complete sewer line repair for your property we have been doing it for the better part of two decades and our standing in the industry gives us access to quality materials and a strong supply chain.

How is a sewer line damaged?

Maintenance is almost always the key to preserving any fixtures and installations you have on your property. knowing what causes the need for sewer line repair in Markham, can help mitigate the process and also let you know when professional help is need

  • Roots:

The older the line the easier it for it to be compromised by cracking and moisture. These are elements that draw surrounding trees and plants to these cracks and they end up destroying the entire structure or at least a part of it.

  • Waste

The waste buildup is easily one of the most notorious reasons that drive the need for sewer line repair in Toronto. Eventual buildup coupled with older drain and sewerage structures leave the line vulnerable and compromised. Major drain cleaning processes can be carried out by our team to prevent the impact of a massive clog in the major lines under your property. not only does this affect the drains and their function but can also be detrimental to the infrastructure.

  • Pipes

A collapsed drain or broken pipes aren’t the most dependable parts of a sewer line. A minor break in the network compromises the entire sewerage flow from your property to the municipality’s drain networks.

We offer long term solutions

H2o services are known for being affordable and responsive especially in plumbing emergencies. Our services include (but are not limited to)

  • Main drain repairs, inspections, and installations
  • Drain cleaning
  • Camera inspections
  • Locating broken pipes
  • sewer line repair in Toronto
  • hydro flushing
  • Building traps removal
  • basement rough-ins

Our team is qualified to complete thorough inspections and deliver subsequent repairs. You can rely on us to reach you in time and fix any major or minor sewer line problems you may be facing.

how can we help?

All you need to do is call us in case of an emergency or a non-emergency as well. We are a full-service plumbing company with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We will reach you at the decided time and complete the inspection and repairs at amicable prices.

Our team is just a call away whether you need sewer line repair in Toronto, or your kitchen sink fixed we are the people to call. In case of estimates, you can leave your details with us or call to speak to a seasoned expert today.