We do all Sump Pump Services and repairs. We can add Battery Backup Systems or Install a completely new Sump Pump System with new Weeping Tiles.

In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be basement flooding. But since it isn’t an ideal world, a Sump pump installation in Markham is a necessity. Without a functional sump pump, your basement would be ankle-deep in water and the repair and water damage bills would be sky-high. Fortunately, we have just the solution for you. our crew can install the right sump pump for your home and make your basement habitable without raking up any additional bills. Before finalizing the installation, here is what you need to know

What is a sump pump?

before you get into the process involved in the Sump pump installation in Markham, here is some information on the machine. A sump pump is a machine installed at the lowest point on your property by digging a sump pit of sorts. This is a small but highly beneficial installation on your property to prevent flooding and water damage to your basement.

How does it work?

the job of a sump pump is to remain on standby until there is a need for it. in case of harsh weather, storms, or heavy rains over saturation of the space around your home happens to lead to excessive water to collect in the sump pit. Once this happens the pump is activated to deal with the flooding.

Our Sump pump installation in Toronto includes a connection from the basement through the pump into a storm drain, a detention pond, or a dry well. The water from the flooding basement automatically drains into these drains or reservoirs preventing it from collecting in the basement and causing seepage and water damages. if you are using the basement a sump pit and pump won't affect its useability.

Does your home need a Sump pump installation in Toronto?

Sumps pumps are a staple for homes across Canada. Following are the prominent reasons for your home needing our services

  • Your location receives heavy rains
  • Your home is built in a space that usually floods
  • There have been basement flooding in the past
  • You are using your basement space as a room

There can be several other reasons for a sump pump installation besides the ones mentioned. If you aren’t sure whether your property needs machine drainage you can get in touch with our team to survey and inspect the place for expert advice.

How can H2O help?

At H2O Services we value your investment and convenience above all else. Our Sump pump installation in Toronto entails a detail-oriented approach which helps in deciding if you need

  • Repairs
  • Battery backups
  • A new sump pumps with weeping tiles
  • Maintenance
  • Other waterproofing systems

We offer affordable quality and longevity with all our services. You can book a consultation with us today or call us to get an estimate for your property before you decide to invest in it. we believe in giving you the confidence to move further with your water drainage project without any excessive or hidden charges.