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Basements are a spacious part of the structure but their vulnerability to moisture, flooding, and water damage makes it much harder to utilize than an average room in the house. To improve basement useability, we can provide basement waterproofing in Markham customize to suit the flood and moisture content of the location your property is built on. Basements are open to leaky foundations, water welling up from the foundation or moisture seeping up onto the walls causing severe damages and mold growth.

Unless your property comes with an already waterproofed apartment you are likely to face the brunt of a leaky basement and rainy weather or melting snow. That said we at H20 Services can provide basement waterproofing in Markham. We will approach the project in two ways namely

  • Exterior measures
  • Interior measures
  1. Exterior waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is one of the most effective ways to protect your basement and building from water damage. This form of waterproofing requires external excavation that removes soil away from the foundation on all sides of the property.

Drain tiles

Drain tile is then installed at the base of the excavated foundation. This tile is a perforated pipe that is quite flexible and covered with fabric or mesh. Depending on where your property is you may need a permit to begin the excavation and installed the perforated piping for waterproofing purposes.

Sump pump/ pit

drain tiles for basement waterproofing in Toronto are also installed by adding a sump pit to collect water that can then be removed by the pump installed at the base.

The next step is to patch up the foundation walls and seal them seamlessly for restoration.

  1. Interior waterproofing

If your property does not qualify for an excavation permit and is showing signs of minimal water damage and cracks, interior processes will be the viable option for you. our crew makes it a point to examine the basement structure carefully and then advise you to invest in the right type of basement waterproofing in Toronto.


Your basement walls can be sealed by applying the sealant to unpainted walls for better binding functions.

Floor drains

Floor drains only become a necessity if the damage is significant and there is a lot of water damage to deal with. Interior floor drains require shallow excavation and are confined to the inner space of your basement.

At H2O we make it a point to deliver convenience to our customers and basement waterproofing in Toronto is part of what we have to offer. You can rely on us to follow the construction regulations to a Tee and keep our pricing transparent throughout the process. We do not believe in burdening our customers with misinformation and call set up window wells in addition to waterproofing your basement using other methods. Our work carries a 25-year warranty and you can call on us for maintenance any time of the year.